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In Kawczyński Logistics we also want to promote healthy habits and active outdoor activities, such as running. We like challenges, not only in terms of business; therefore, we support our employees who participate in sporting competitions.

Terrain race in Paterek

In June 2019, Paterek in the area of Nakło nad Notecią, hosted the terrain race “A Mayor’s Revenge – the Dirty Dozen.” The race featured about fifty participants, including one employee of our company. The route was more than 12 km long and was running through the forest. It meant that the runners had to face challenging conditions, including winding paths, sand and hills. Such effort required support; therefore, Kawczyński Logistics brought water and other drinks as well as warm meals for athletes after the race. During the event, activities were also organized for young runners. They participated in the race called “Małe Harce” on the occasion of the Children’s Day. The event attracted as many as 27 participants, born in 2009-2015. Our company bought sweets and oranges for everyone. All young and old runners received commemorative medals and statuettes at the finish. Everyone who finished the race was a winner. We are delighted that Kawczyński Logistics was able to support the race, promoting events that are important for the local community and physical activities.

Enjoying an adventure race known as “Terrain Massacre”

In the fall, in September 2020, the 10th edition of the “Terrain Massacre” took place in Bydgoszcz. It is a popular race with hurdles, which is held regularly in the municipal Forest Culture and Recreation Park. Participants had a choice of two routes, 5- and 10-kilometer long. This time, the entire “Team Kawczyński” appeared in the company colors, which due to its first appearance decided to select the shorter distance. The runners had to clear as many as 36 hurdles! They included climbing walls, steep downhill, rapid river, tires, tunnels, mud, and rope climbing, to name a few. Our crew showed a strong team spirit and mutual support during this difficult run. The results of this test of athletic abilities and huge effort were first of all great joy and satisfaction from taking this challenge: nothing feels better than crossing the finish line. “Team Kawczyński” had even a big group of company cheerleaders who offered strong encouragement and support to their co-workers. We achieved a joint victory!