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Modern and environmentally friendly equipment in a transport company includes not only vehicles. Our market is a springboard for innovative technologies and products, use of which reduces environmental impact. One of such solutions – used by Kawczyński Logistics as one of the first in Poland – is photovoltaic panels installed on refrigerated truck trailers. They contribute to reduction of carbon dioxide emission; therefore, during stops, drivers do not have to turn on engine to charge batteries in the unit and trailer.

The type of tires used in trucks has also an impact on the environment. In Kawczyński Logistics we focused on the latest solution offered by the Michelin brand: X LINE Energy Z2 tires on the steer axle and X LINE Energy D2 on the drive axle. They ensure the lowest rolling resistance, reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emission. In addition, these tires have a range of up to 300,000 km driven.

Another innovative solution, which we currently test, is Betterflow aerodynamic packages – mounted in the back of the trailer and reminding folded wings. We are the only Polish carrier that participated in preproduction tests along with the Betterflow company. Among all companies participating in the testing program, we have been the second in terms of assigned devices because our long-distance routes and involvement in reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emission. The result of preproduction tests of aerodynamic packages was savings reaching 1.5 l/100 km.