Work with the top customers taught us that there are no compromises as regards quality; therefore we constantly invest in it.

Investments in advanced technologies as well as training and development of qualifications of our employees have been the foundation of activity and success of Kawczyński Logistics for more than a decade. We do believe that only thanks to well-thought-out investments we can be a competitive business in international transport.

We specialize in refrigerated transport of such goods as food products and other cargo. In response to the highest requirements of customers from this industry, we decided to place special emphasis on reliability, top quality and safety. In this way, we have won and are winning trust of top partners in our daily work.


Kawczyński Logistics in numbers

Satisfied employees

Our company constantly grows along with the number of employees who work for us. We take care of our workforce, offering numerous training courses and fostering a positive work environment.

Tractor units

The main vehicle in our fleet is the latest Mercedes-Benz Actros, provided with the most advanced systems supporting safety and driver.


Our refrigerated semitrailers made by Schmitz Cargobull are provided with Carrier units, telematics and security devices preventing access of unauthorized persons to their interior.


We constantly develop our skills, in order to ensure to our customers safety and quality in the scope of transport of goods in accordance with all legal requirements.

We provide our services taking responsibility for the condition of natural environment and environmental protection, as well as safety of our employees and cargo entrusted to us.

Thanks to high skills and commitment of all employees and owners, as well as providing of appropriate resources, our focus on top quality brings results that are expected and appreciated by our customers.


We pursue the targets of our quality policy through implementation and constant improvement of our Integrated Management System of quality and safety based on international standards ISO, IFS, TAPA, and GDP.


Our mission

We create a new dimension of transport that is focused on innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, providing to customers the highest quality, comfort and the sense of security.

We are inspired by the following motto: “Always safe, always on time, always for you.”

Our vision

Our vision is to be an innovative and trustworthy transport and logistics company operating on the market of specialized shipping for the most demanding customers in Europe. We know how to achieve it.

Building lasting relationships with customers and employees, based on mutual trust and respect, combined with searches for innovative solutions make that we are more effective and reliable, whereas investing in advanced and environmentally friendly fleet became our specialty. We are convinced that such activity determines responsible business that meets the standards of the 21st century.
Undertaking this effort, we want to make contribution to safe and modern transport.


Using modern and environmentally friendly fleet as well as innovative technologies and products, we constantly improve the quality of our services and reduce our impact on the natural environment. Solutions, which we test and implement include:

  • photovoltaic panels installed on refrigerated truck trailers
  • Betterflow aerodynamic packages
  • most advanced tires reducing fuel consumption
  • system of MirrorCams cameras and displays
  • intelligent cruise control - Predictive Powertrain Control