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We spare no efforts to assure effective management of logistics processes. Therefore, a group of our forwarding agents includes selected and experienced specialists with knowledge of foreign languages, which are the greatest assets of our company. We use an individual approach to every customer and focus on optimal solutions regarding cargo entrusted to us. We offer our knowledge, information and assistance regarding estimates, costs and time of delivery.

We operate based on our own fleet as well as an extensive, professional group of subcontractors, who signed exclusive agreements with us, obligating them to follow strict inspections of technical condition of their vehicles, licenses, insurance and all standards required by our enterprise.

We feel responsible for our customers and provide services with nonstandard requirements, combining all efforts having effect on satisfactory cooperation.



In order to offer the most extensive range of services to our customers, we make available our own warehouse facilities, enabling repacking, sorting and storage of goods in accordance with standards that are currently in force.



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